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"Meanwhile everyone wants to breathe and nobody can and many say, “We will breathe later.”
And most of them don’t die because they are already dead.”

Czech photographer Taras Kuščynskyj (1932 – 1986)
Yes, Sylvia died. And already she has been dead too long. She wrote me a few times from England — but always about her life. About her death she was silent. Damn it. And then, maybe — maybe not — it was her business. Everyone runs around condemning her for it and I say: She had a right! After all she had the suicide in her. As I do. As many of us do. But, if we’re lucky, we don’t get away with it and something or someone forces us to live.
written by Anne Sexton, from A Self-Portrait In Letters (via violentwavesofemotion)

Egon Schiele (Austrian,1890-1918) - Two Women Embracing, 1911     Drawings: Ink, Watercolors

formal wear.5 (Farril & me - self-portrait w/girl) - Copyright © Græ Andresen

Csilla KlenyánszkiCastles in the Air: Dreamcatcher

Kara Neko by Rita Minissi in restraints by Fleet Ilya 

Tracey Emin. I’ve Got It All, 2000. Ink-jet print, 124 x 109 cm.