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"Meanwhile everyone wants to breathe and nobody can and many say, “We will breathe later.”
And most of them don’t die because they are already dead.”

To be young by Bill Henson
So you say you want a deathbed scene, the knowledge that comes
before knowledge,
and you want it dirty.
And no one can ever figure out what you want,
and you won’t tell them,
and you realize the one person in the world who loves you
isn’t the one you thought it would be,
and you don’t trust him to love you in a way
you would enjoy.
And the boy who loves you the wrong way is filthy.
And the boy who loves you the wrong way keeps weakening.
You thought if you handed over your body
he’d do something interesting.
written by Richard Siken, excerpt from A Primer for the Small Weird Loves (via itsherfactory)

(Source: notnai, via itsherfactory)


Gustav Klimt - The Music (1895) 


“You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.”

and this is what the western news don´t show. Educated and Covered Muslim women are unimaginable for them.

Rolph Gobits

Adele and Lea photographed by Mikael Jansson